Charles Gave
29 October 2021

The Wild Dollar Emigrates To Wall Street

To hunt game, you must first track it on the trail. The same is true for the offshore dollar.

  • Here is an American consumer who buys an imported product. The domestic dollar turns wild.
  • It emigrates and ends up abroad in the hands of the exporter.
  • The exporter changes it into local currency at his central bank, and uses the proceeds to pay his employees.
  • Then the central bank places its excess USD reserve in US bills or bonds.
  • And our dollar flies back to the FED's balance sheet. Game is caught.

Since 2014, we lost track of our wild dollar with increasing perplexity. Not by a single dollar, but a trillion dollars. In this letter, we show how wild dollars escaped from the FED trap and are now nesting on the high branches… of the US stock market!