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the quantitative research and financial software development arm of the Gavekal group.

Gavekal-IS offers global investors three separate products:

Gavekal-IS Publications


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A weekly financial note which looks at the opportunities, and risks, of global financial markets through a unique quantitative lens. This product is aimed at any and all investors wishing to deepen their understanding of financial markets.
$150 per month, one month free trial
TrackMacro software


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A software application whose aim is to review the risk-reward trade-offs currently prevailing in the world’s forty largest economies. Typical clients of TrackMacro include private wealth managers, portfolio managers with global, or pan regional mandates, asset allocators, CIOs…
$425 per month, one month free trial
TrackRisk Software


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A best-in-class risk-control, portfolio simulation, and performance reporting system, designed to help portfolio managers, and risk managers understand the exposures inherent in their portfolios.
$2,100 per month

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