Gavekal IS stands for Gavekal Intelligence Software, a company incorporated in France, and whose largest single shareholder is the Gavekal group. Other shareholders include Charles Gave, Didier Darcet, Yann Ageon, and other staff members of Gavekal-IS. Gavekal IS was formed following the purchase by Gavekal of shares in Insight Research, a French financial software company founded in 1999. Insight Research originally sought to incorporate academic research into market finance, along with expert systems and artificial intelligence technology. This led to the launch of the TrackRisk software system. Since the merger of Gavekal with IS in 2016, the company has remained dedicated to the above task, albeit with a renewed goal of developing new-generation portfolio construction tools for investment managers (Gavekal-IS TrackMacro) and publishing original, out of the box research papers (Gavekal-IS Publication).
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Charles Gave

He has been researching tactical asset allocation for over forty years. In 1986, Charles stepped away from pure research to move into money management.
He co-founded Cursitor-Eaton Asset Management where he was chief investment officer, managing over US$10bn of institutional money on a global asset allocation mandate. Cursitor was sold in 1995 to Alliance Capital and Charles remained with Alliance Capital until 1999. At this time, he elected to go back to his first love: research on tactical asset allocation. He left Alliance Capital to create Gavekal where he is the chairman. Charles is married and has four children and eight grandchildren.
Michael du Jeu

Michael du Jeu

Head of Sales
He is a money manager since 1986, in US investments banks, hedge fund, and global asset managers.
He was head of European government bond trading at SG Warburg up to 1993. He was then Managing Director, head of government bond trading & prop trading at Lehman Brothers Europe, London up to 1998. He co-founded Aequilibrium Investment Ltd in London in 1998, a global macro hedge fund. In 2006, he then turned to global portfolio management within Renaissance Capital and joined Gavekal in 2014. Michael has a background in Law (International Relations). He is married with three children.
Yann Ageon

Yann Ageon

Before co-founding the company and developing software for the financial industry, he was an engineer at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in France in geochronology and condensed matter physics. 
As an IT languages specialist, Yann developed two software programs for the Agence Spatiale Européenne: one is embarked in a satellite and the other one is used as a tool to predict collapse pressures in space rocket fuel tanks. In addition, he created a seismic alert system for the Principality of Monaco, which is still in use today. For 10 years, he taught the concepts of Object Oriented Programming, the use of neurons networks, and genetic algorithms in artificial intelligence. Yann has two children and one grandchild.
Louis Vincent Gave

Louis Vincent Gave

After receiving his bachelor’s degree from Duke University and studying Mandarin at Nanjing University, Louis joined the French Army where he served as a second lieutenant in a mountain infantry battalion. 
After a couple of years, Louis left the army and joined Paribas where he worked as a financial analyst first in Paris, then in Hong Kong.

Louis left Paribas in 1999 to launch Gavekal Research with Charles Gave and Anatole Kaletsky in London. In 2002, Louis left the London office and returned to Hong Kong; the idea at the time was that Asia was set to become an ever more important factor in global growth and that, consequently, Gavekal needed to offer its clients more information, and more ideas, relating to Asia. Since then, Louis has been living in Hong Kong from where he oversees Gavekal’s money management business. Nonetheless, Louis contributes episodically to the research.

In the past decade, Louis has written five books, including his latest Too Different For Comfort, published in October 2013. Louis speaks English and French. He spent many hours studying Mandarin and once spoke it decently. He is married with four children.
Didier Darcet

Didier Darcet

Head of Quant Research
He has been managing money since early 1990. He successively moved from the derivative trading space, to hedge fund management, and global asset management. 
He was Treasurer of Bank of America Paris, then head of interest rate arbitrage and prop trading at Bank of America London in the 90s. He founded Insight Finance in 2000, an equity arbitrage quantitative hedge fund, and managed the portfolio until 2006. He then turned to global portfolio management within Renaissance Capital and joined Gavekal in 2014. Didier has a double background in nuclear physics from Supelec –Paris, France- and in political sciences from Science Po –Paris, France. He is married with three children.
Kevin Ageon

Kevin Ageon

He has a graduate from the Institut d’Administration des Entreprises in Nice Sophia-Antipolis; 
Kevin Ageon joined Gavekal Intelligence Software in May 2012 to initiate its business development activities. His dual training in mathematical sciences (Bachelor’s in mathematics applied to social sciences) and in finance (Master II in financial engineering) reinforces the research and development activities of the company with the goal of meeting customers’ needs.